Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Won, But it Isn't Over Yet

I know that many of my more faithful readers will be downcast today, but this is no time for sadness.  It is a time for optimism and resolve.  I have never believed that this was a competition between two men.  It has been for me one small part of the greater fight for moral decency and spiritually uplifting the American people.  Now the real fight begins.  We live in a land that has chosen a party that is ashamed of the name of God, that supports the murder of unborn children and believes in moral anarchy.  Now is the time to arise, be grateful to God that He placed you in a place where you can be of real use, and get to work.

Allow me the use of a concept taught in the Book of Mormon.  It states that the word of God has a greater effect on the hearts of the children of men than even the sword.  Physical brutality will not be powerful enough to turn this nation around, but the power of the word of God can.  So here's the game plan, my friends.  So we live in a nation that allows divorce for absolutely no reason.  Change the minds of the people and no one will use that right without very good reason.  Abortion is allowed.  Soften the hearts of the women and its clinics will fall into disuse.  Granted there are some problems like foreign policy that will be harder for us as private citizens to fix but if we are doing what we can there is a more powerful force with us than the whole of the United States military. 

You may consider that what I outline seems a daunting task.  I never said it would be easy.  But I have seen murderers, rapists, and the like turn their lives around, turn their hearts to God and repent their crimes, and I know it can be done.  So wherever you are, I encourage you to preach in love, with prayer and holding fast to personal revelation from God.  Preach without ceasing from sunrise to sundown.  Preach in the lines in the supermarket, at your children's schools, and in your homes.  And when necessary, use words. 

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