Friday, November 9, 2012

Obeying God and a Sexy Red Dress

As most people who know me realize, I spend much of my time engaged in prayer.  My mind, for as far back as I can recall, has been engaged in the serious matters of life and in striving for a better world.  I have generally forgotten about clothes, fashion and the like, thinking that it wasn't worth my concern.  Today God turned that around on me.

This morning began in chaos and continued in that vein until my morning was hopelessly unraveled.  Upon much prayer I felt impressed to head to the mall.  A slight  grin threatened at my lips as I thought of a particularly stunning red dress that had beckoned to me earlier.  I had cast the idea aside as something trivial, but as I neared the familiar building of frivolity the idea persisted that I needed to buy it.  I argued.  I reasoned that I could use that money to rescue those in need.  God hit me with a very surprising answer.  It went something like this.

"If I asked you to spend that money on a program to promote moral decency, would you do it?"

My answer was, "of course!"

"There is a greater need right in front of you.  There is a war going on in this world that destroys lives, homes, spirits and turns people from Me.  It is the plague of immodesty and the belief that moral decency is outdated.  I need warriors to fight this.  You have the ability to help prove that modesty can be attractive and exciting.  Go buy that dress and wear it with pride."

I own a new drop dead gorgeous red dress now.  Men are that they might have joy.  Women are that they might have clothes. 


  1. And that is why I love you, Michelle! Sometimes it is surprising what we feel inspired to do. James is all about the importance of taking care of ourselves, which I neglect way more than I should in pursuit of more "worthy" causes. It can be a hard balance to strike but it definitely is important to treat ourselves like queens.

  2. Well I love you for a lot of reasons! :) It was very surprising to me, but also made a great deal of sense. I think being an involved mommy lends a hand to the kind of personal selflessness you desscribed and I have always had a bad habit of letting my appearance fall to waste. But I have felt throughout much of my life that this kind of thing would creep up someday and the Lord would want me to do this to some extent.