Monday, November 19, 2012

Triple Chocolate Decadence

Happy birthday to me!  Actually, it was this weekend, but life has been a whirlwind so I am celebrating it tonight.  And when my children return from school we will be making a triple chocolate decadent cake.  I know a few eyebrows just shot straight up because I never eat anything unhealthy.  But this morning I worked like a slave at the gym and I choose to knowlingly allow something unhealthy past my lips.  And since I am going to do it, I will put my full knowledge of junk food to good use and eat only the best.  Nothing less would prove worthy, since I take such intense care of my health.

It's the same concept with life and particularly in finding a significant other.  Media tells us that we are somehow weird or substandard if we hold to traditionally moral principles.  It tells us that we are wrong if we don't sleep around or engage in other wholly cheapening behavior.  They supplement this by crushing into oblivion the physical self image by proclaiming that in order to be attractive, we have to look a certain way.  But they fail to take one little thing into account.

You are amazing just the way you are.  You are worthy of only the best.  I would encourage my friends out there (and you are all my friends) to be just a little more arrogant.  Just a little more narcissistic.  Just have a bit more self love.  Recognize that you will have the best in a relationship or nothing.  And nothing is okay.  "Nothing" means you have more time to focus on you, what you want out of life, becoming a better person, and doing all those things you want to do without having anyone to hold you back.  Take your time; be wise with your relationships.  And when you engage in a relationship, do it with both eyes open, knowing the consequences beforehand and being prepared to accept them.  You are worth more than to settle for something that ultimately will not satisfy. 

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