Friday, November 16, 2012

The Real Woman's Rights

"You are the womanliest woman I know!" I told my older sister, Crystal, over an apple gorgonzola salad earlier this week.  We had been discussing a book she was reading and she had expressed her disgust at the idea that the protagonist had very flippantly decided on having an abortion.  The very idea of abortion disgusts her to the point of being unable to even discuss the subject.  She is, in my mind, the very picture of femininity. 

I am not as beautifully feminine by nature.  Perhaps it is because my nearest sibling and cousins are all boys, or perhaps because I didn't automatically feel the desire for motherhood in my elementary years as she did, but I found it much easier to feed into the bizarre gender confusion of our present society.  I have never believed it right, but like many women I know, I didn't initially believe that I could measure up to the daunting task of motherhood and gentle humanity.

But my friends, I know for a fact that the highest measure of a woman's nature is motherhood.  I have learned to love it.  The most glorious thing a woman can do is create not only children but a loving and uplifting home.  We should not be expected to compete with men in the marketplace.  We should have the right to be respected as the creative, passionate, beautiful goddesses we are without feeling like we have to apologize for reaching the height and glory of our creation.  We should have the right to be treated like women, real women, rather than have society and lawmakers assume that we want the right to murder our own children in cold blood.  Real women cannot bear the thought of abortion.  Real women recognize that they should be able to turn to a man for protection, love, admiration and as a familial breadwinner.  And real men ought to be willing, if possible, to fulfill those primarily masculine roles.  I recognize that some would like to pass off these roles as something traditional that the evil western world created.  When I see men regularly carry babies in their bodies for nine months and suffer through labor I will gladly concede the point. 

Ladies, don't be ashamed of the woman God made you.  And men, don't try to downplay women's abilities, assume that women should be the providers, or belittle the most important and vital work they do in their homes.  Instead, I would encourage you to take the mantle of patriarch on your shoulders, behave like real men and let us be real, glorious, women. 

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