Thursday, November 1, 2012

Urgent! A New Threat Greater Than Hurricane Sandy

We have all turned pained eyes to New Jersey shores this week and I have been no less concerned about the havoc wreaked in New England.  I know that many have friends, family, associates and the like in that region and my prayers have been constantly bent in that direction.  I myself have an interest in someone in Washington D.C., another in Baltimore and another in New Brunswick.  And I know we have been grateful for the labors of everyone involved, not least of all Governor Chris Christie and President Obama.  It has been a necessary break from the maddening election hysteria.

While I am grateful that President Obama was present, I am also reminded that we have a greater threat to our nation than hurricane Sandy.  We have a danger lurking that threatens our existence as a nation and as a people.  We cannot deny the fact that there are groups of living, breathing humans who seek to destroy America as evidenced in our latest attack in Benghazi.  It was an attack that could have been avoided and was managed horrendously by the White House.  And after this devastating attack of hatred, we have heard nothing but excuses and most recently, a deafening silence.   My friends, this is a more terrifying warning than the weather reports that preceded the storm.  Our failure to action and even to openly discuss this situation lends its support to those who murdered our people in cold blood and got away without even the American people knowing the truth behind it, much less bringing the murderers to justice.

We look weak and frightened as a nation in the eyes of this world and terrorists will not hesitate to strike again, and much harder.  They will not fear that we will even slap them on the wrist or so much as take notice.  And while we turn a blind eye, all of us are in potential danger.  It may not be a small attack on a specific person next time.  Next time it could truly be a full ranged brutality on thousands.  President Obama has called on us to push "forward."  But after this protection of terrorists and his own attacks on religious freedom, freedom of speech, financial progression, and moral uprightness where is he leading us? 

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