Monday, December 10, 2012

God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

I recently watched an excellent video of a Mormon apostle, Jeffrey R. Holland, in a question and answer session.  One point he made frequently seemed of particular interest to me, and I have long believed it to be an eternal truth.  He said "God will give you what you want, or something better."  Often we feel that God has not answered our prayers, listened to our pleading, and we may in fact feel completely forgotten and forsaken.  We may do all we can to follow the guidance of holy writ, pray, listen to our own consciences and still we feel that God has left us alone and forgotten us.

My friends, I witness that this is not the case.  I know with a perfect surety that God does not forget or forsake any one of us.   I know with a perfect surety that when it seems He has walked away, His attention is just as fixed upon us as it was before - indeed, it may in fact be even more so.  I know with a perfect surety that there is not one human being so insignificant as to be beyond the reach of His almighty love.  I know for a fact that when He allows us to feel that He has forgotten us, He does so deliberately and for our ultimate good.  Remember in the times you feel discouraged, that He sees and loves your potential more perfectly than you do and He knows what you need at every moment to channel that potential and make a greater person of you than you ever dreamed possible. 

May I take a moment and share a personal but not a doctrinally binding belief?  I believe that when God sees fit to let you feel momentarily that you are alone, it is a bitter pill for Him to watch you struggle.   I believe the God of the universe, in His infinite love, tenderness, and compassion upon humankind weeps when He has no choice but to let us feel that way and that nothing but His foreknowledge, love for us and interest in our eternal good would induce Him to ever allow us to feel that He has left us.  So when you feel alone, lift up your head and smile toward heaven, because God is still there, watching over you with all the tenderness of a perfectly loving Parent.  Difficult as it feels, I promise that it will pass, and that the emptiness you feel is a manifestation of His perfect and unending love for you.

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