Monday, December 3, 2012

My Peronal Gift to Jesus

If giving Jesus a heartfelt gift is the essence of Christmas, I actually do carry the spirit of it with me constantly.  It seems a logical thing to me that there is only one thing I can give Him, for He has given me so much and without Him I am nothing.  Many years ago I came to a conclusion of how I ought to feel toward my Savior. 

I know that He suffered and died and the anguish of that knowledge all but paralyzes me.  That One would suffer anything at all in my behalf, let alone pay for all my misdeeds and sins, horrifies me to the fullest degree. I cannot, indeed, stare that idea in the face.  I crumble.  It is too great a gift and I know not how to bear it.  Perhaps I am wrong in this emotion, but it is not that I reject the sacrifice or make light of it, but that I feel it so keenly that it brings me continually to my knees in tears.  So what can anyone possibly give Him in return?

Every day, every hour, I give my all to live as fully according to His commands as I can.  I cannot be perfect, but I would not for all the world or anything beyond make Him suffer more for my sake than was absolutely necessary.  I am far from perfect, but I can answer honestly before God that it isn't for lack of trying.  I stumble, I fall, I sin, I transgress, but I give my all to learn from my experiences and those of others to learn and progress as quickly as possible, pray for guidance continually, and act deliberately in all things by spiritual promptings to save Him as much pain as it is in my pathetic power to save Him.  It isn't something that begins or ends in December, but a philosophy on life that I employ every hour of every day.  Does that sound exhausting?  It is.  But when Jesus was in His agony He didn't say "It is too much.  I won't do anymore."  Have I any right to say otherwise? 

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