Friday, December 14, 2012

The Art of Venting

I would like to pose a question to my readers and friends.  When is the last time you really, honestly, heard me vent in frustration?  (And here we insert a recording of crickets chirping.)  Yeah.  I don't often do it.  Is that because life has given me not much reason to vent?  Those who know me best definitely know better than that.  Is it because I am just one of those who magically never has to vent?  That definitely isn't it, either.  Then when do I do it? 

I am a realist.  I realize that there is a very limited amount of things human beings can do to soothe my soul when it is angered or frustrated.  Having had life threatening seizures for years that doctors could not fix or lessen, along with other very extreme trials, I have learned that there is much in this world that mortals cannot change and it seems a frustrating waste of time to ask them to make better what is outside their capabilities of altering.  It only makes the people around you frustrated.  But I vent continually to my best friend.  God is my best friend.  I imagine that the angels of heaven roll their eyes a bit when they find me on my knees, and say "There's Michelle at it again."  But who else is capable of changing situations that are too hard for us to bear, or who can build us up to carry the burdens upon our shoulders?  Human beings are wonderful, but God understands each of us perfectly, not only as we are now but as we have been and knows who we will be.  His insight proves far greater and His purpose is always for our own good and happiness.  He has a perspective free of weakness, littleness, and personal agenda.  He seems to me the most logical choice for a friend. 

One may think "But that is disrespectful.  One should be careful in what one says in prayer.  This is God you are talking to."  True.  It's God.  It is the same God who gave us the trials we have and knows how much we can take.  When people upset us, God allowed it, and we have every right in the world to ask "Why?  What now?"  I hold Him personally responsible for everything that happens to me, because I know that nothing good or ill or indifferent could happen to me without His approval and for a purpose.  And when a problem arises, my Best Friend and I get through it together.

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