Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Madness We Call Love

I have a wonderful critic named Mark who reads my posts, reviews my photography, listens to my singing et cetera and reports back to me his excellent thoughts on the matter, encouraging me in some aspects and correcting me kindly in others.  Recently he told me that he believes that the idea of romance is one of my favorites.  True.  And there is a reason for my constant interest in this theme, besides the obvious one, which is that it is among the highest emotions humans beings can harbor. 

It is a strange thing to relate but while historically guys have not asked me out on wild dates of a Saturday evening, I have throughout my life almost incessantly found myself with marriage proposals beckoning at my door.   In college I had a father and son mutually decide that they wanted me to live in their home, not as an ordinary harlot as one might expect but as a homemaker, friend, and yes, the rest as well.  They were not attempting to be filthy in their own perspectives; they were both simply of the opinion that this would prove beneficial to their happiness and didn't want to be without me.  Bizarre as this sounds, it is not the most bizarre offer I have had.  This has made me very seriously consider the question: What is love?  Both men likely believed they had found it.

I am a believer in soul mates.  I cannot believe that God is a God of chaos and that partners of an eternal journey can just be randomly thrown together in pure and perfect love.  God is a God of order and certainly there must be order in this most precious of human relationships.  So I would invite you to ask yourself when faced with the idea that you are in love, "how do I know that this is right?" Both father and son in this situation could not have been right, and if there have been a great deal of men thinking I was their soul mate, surely a great deal of men must have been wrong if I do not reciprocate it.  I wish the world would just stop and pray more, placing their own agenda and ideas aside and ask "is this right?  Is this the right thing to pursue and how far ought I to pursue it?"  I truly believe following this course would save most of the broken hearts of the world.

I cannot help but believe that there is a kind of platonic friendship so deep, so powerful, and so moving that human minds have a difficult time comprehending it.  It is a kind of friendship meant for the eternities and finite understandings have no other way to digest the emotion that washes over them so they determine it must be romantic love.  Take time to slow down and turn to God.  If it was meant to be, then at the end of all things it will happen and if not, enjoy what you can learn and appreciate from that person and let God take the reins in the direction He will.   


  1. much truth to the saying that "love is a verb." Our definition of love evolves as we mature. There is the pure love of child from mother and father and visa versa. I read that when a baby is born, it's like totally falling in love...I agree with that and experienced that in my life. Much of what we experience as love in adolescence and early adult life is biology...we have some knowledge of good and bad relationships but what we mainly go through is chemistry. Chemistry is still important as we reach our older years and that love is as pure as I've seen in a relationship. It is a love that is built on years of trust, respect and care. My mom and dad were married for 60 years...something I will never experience and I value that immensely. Michelle, not that I have read all your blogs...but there is no mention of your husband or father of your kids...also in regards to "I have throughout my life almost incessantly found myself with marriage proposals beckoning at my door." sing, you write poetry, you are attractive and you seem like a really nice A, give these poor guys a break...don't smile at them or be nice to them or you'll find somebody kneeling down in front of you with a ring (this in Ming...reading blogs instead of editing a manuscript)...gack to work

    1. Marriage for 60 years is certainly an amazing feat. In this society being married for 60 months is pretty incredible. I loved my kids more than I loved myself long before I had them. I'm glad you are a biochemist and can see things in relationships pertaining to chemistry. It's a field that has often intrigued me. Smiling and being nice is part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. I can't not do that, but thank you for the compliments, my friend!