Friday, December 7, 2012

Trials During the Christmas Season

I have a confession.  I have been rather remote and remiss of late in many quarters.  Some of the reason is because there is a trial I have been undergoing, coming on gradually for weeks but which came to full fruition now, just weeks before Christmas.  And while I have silently shed tears when alone over this, it does not behoove me to discuss the matter with anyone save God.  It is, in essence, that something on which I have spent the blood, sweat, tears, and prayers of countless hours, weeks, months, and even years attempting to accomplish just came tumbling down in one great crash.  The anguish has certainly been more than I have felt capable of bearing.  One might say, "Oh no!  And right before Christmas!  That makes it worse!"

I must respectfully disagree.  I thank God that this miserable trial came to a head at this of all times of the year.  I am grateful that I have the opportunity to feel in some small measure the pain that others often feel at having difficulties strike at this time.  Perhaps I might be able to use this experience to better understand and thus help them later.  And this is the best time of year to have a massive trial on one's hands.  Why?  When else are we so consumed with the spirit of remembering Jesus Christ, who can heal all wounds?  When else do we have so many opportunities immediately before us to forget our own troubles in the service of others?  When else do we have continually before us the fact that we have a Savior of the world to succor and save us?

I am grateful for this Christmas trial.  I am grateful that the mercy and power of God can melt away the anguish of this frustrating situation.  I am grateful to know that we are all children of God with a loving and omnipotent Heavenly Father at the helm.  Though I do  not know the reasons of this or other trials, I do know that there is one, and in this knowledge comfort replaces pain, gratitude replaces disappointment and happiness overcomes grief.  I witness that there is a Savior, that He is the might Jesus Christ, and that all things can be made right through His infinite atonement for mankind.

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