Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Always Be in Vogue

I have been studying a great deal of different kinds of music of late.  It has ranged from popera to country to rock to jazz to classical and more.  In one of my study sessions I began reading up on the King of Rock and Roll, the almighty Elvis Presley.  And what I found struck me with a great deal of power. 

Firstly, before he became a performer someone asked him who he sang like.  He responded that he "didn't sing like nobody."  In other words, he sang like himself without comparing himself to anyone else or trying to fit any kind of preset image or tone.  Secondly, what comes to mind as one of his defining characteristics?  Besides the lips, I mean.  The dancing generally presents itself as an exquisite constituent of his performances, right?  Well strangely enough, the story goes that during his first performace he didn't know what on earth to do with himself as he sang so he started wriggling to keep time to the music.  The crowd of course went wild.  He admitted later that he thought they were laughing at him and it wasn't until after he finished a set and was kicked back onstage for an encore that he realized he hadn't made a fool of himself.  He was an instant sensation from that point, which eventually transpired into the incredible musical icon he is today. 

So here's my point.  Sing like no one is listening and dance to the beat of your heart.  It's people like that who do not merely follow the trend but set the standard.  And of course I do not mean this only in terms of musical performance.  Listen to who you are, be the best person you can honestly be, walk with personal strength.  You may not become an international superstar but you will exude confidence, which people always notice and which never goes out of style. 

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