Monday, January 7, 2013

Love's Labors Lost

*Have you ever seen someone in trouble and attempted to help them only to have them push you away and fall into the abyss?  I've seen a great many loved ones crumble like that.  And though I know that there is always hope, I thought to capture the anguish of that moment as I have so often seen it.

Beneath the starlit sky I walk -
My breath a plume of white -
And ponder on a love I lost
Upon a sacred night.

He stumbled; fast I held his hand.
My grip was firm and strong
But 'neath him lay a barren waste
Masked by a merry throng.

He pined and thought, still looking up
And then with downcast eyes
He chose the wasteland, barren, cold
And learned to me despise.

He chose his fate and spurned my touch,
Fell to the gawking crowd
Pretending now that this was bliss,
His heart and spirit proud.

I look below and watch him now
And view repentant tears
But not enough to turn him back
Or face his shallow fears.

And so I wait and watch and pray
That he return to me,
That heaven may redeem him and
His spirit be set free.

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