Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Him to Treat You Well

In a recent conversation with a younger lady friend I made something of an interesting discovery.  We were discussing my cooking and she mentioned, laughingly, that I ought to teach her that and other man catching skills.  Almost without thinking I responded, "Man catching skills are the exact same thing as living happily skills."  She paused, thought, and then concurred.

Ladies, it is true!  There is a surefire way to be lucky in gaining and keeping masculine attraction, and a massive part of it lies in how we treat ourselves.  I hear women telling me that they want men to treat them well; they want a man to treat them like a lady.  And then they meet a man and in order to try to keep him end up in a hotel room or backseat of a car.  If we want men to treat us like ladies, we have to act like ladies first.  We are used to, and generally want, men to take charge of the situation and we often end up following their lead.  That is perfectly fine.  But remember that you are half the relationship, and your desires are valid, too.  I see so often women becoming so frantic in trying to keep a man that their neediness ends up driving the man away.  You are better than that, and you deserve better. 

So how does one put that into action?  Ladies, if I can impress nothing else on your minds, please know that the world will not end if he leaves.  Let's say you have been dating a man and he has decided to go a week without calling.  Do not wait by that phone, and certainly do not seek him out for any reason!  While the phone is quiet, go to the gym, the store, the park or wherever and smile warmly at the next guy you see.   Old guy, young guy - it doesn't matter.  Just keep that soft, welcoming smile on your face.  This will bring other guys to the table and when the original man comes back he will see that you weren't just sitting around weeping over him, which makes you more attractive and interesting to him.  And it is perfectly acceptable to unapologetically tell a man that though you like him and will date him, you will not become physically involved with any man until he commits.  This does something to the male brain that makes him take a woman more seriously.  Setting that standard will, believe it or not, make a guy want to be around you even more.  It illustrates that you are willing to respect yourself and when you respect yourself, he is much more likely to respect you, too.  

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