Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Single Ray of Light

We have heard much lately about 50 shades of grey.  But it's time to turn the tables a bit and analyze the true meaning of sexy.  And it may come as an extraordinary surprise to many. 

Let's begin by defining the nature of sex.  I highly doubt there are too many people in this world who will argue with the idea that sex is a good thing.  Period.  It lifts people to a climax that overwhelms their senses and for all practical purposes is the pinnacle of pleasurable emotion.  It creates families, is steeped in love, and has potential to create everlasting affection and commitment.  It in fact lifts us to an emotion that is often beyond our conscious control.  But in this society we have a tendency, I think, to be afraid of what we cannot control, and this tends to distort how we think about sexual intimacy.  We all agree it is good, but we discuss it in terms of being "nasty", "dirty", "naughty" and the like and this, I believe, leads to our treating it as though it is so.   We call it foul names, partly because the light of joy and happiness it has the potential to create blinds our finite minds.  So we subconsciously seek to drag it down to a manageable level.

We might describe sexual intimacy based on mutual love, respect and ultimate commitment as "exalting", "exquisite", and "everlastingly passionate."  We might call it "ennobling."  And that is exactly what it is.  It is the ultimate act of love, beauty and creation.  It can bring us nearer to God than almost any other single act we can perform.  But in order to reach that pitch, we need to wait for the right time, way and person, and then surrender to the emotion in its purity.  Anything less waters it down, and I fear we in this society have a great deal of watered down sexual relationships. 

So instead of dragging this magnificent situation down to a manageable level to our pathetic mortal understandings, why don't we look upward and let it carry us heavenward with it?  Why don't we get truly brave and adventurous and rise to a level that human minds can hardly comprehend?  Why don't we learn how heaven on earth really feels?  I wish each one of us a life of intense and non watered down bedroom experience. 


  1. I just wanted to let you know your blog is great and I always love reading your thoughts! :) Keep it up!