Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Speaking Their Language

I often write about specific issues, my take on certain questions of the day, and the like.  But I thought it might prove wise to take a moment and explain to you what I am really doing with this blog, or what is my actual intention.  Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a religious firebrand.  My entire life has been straight arrow, God has always been my first priority, and spirituality is my home base.  I am also widely knowledgeable about the Bible and other religious texts.  And I have an overwhelming desire to flood the earth with the light of faith.  However, I have learned from experience that when one begins quoting scripture in this world half of the audience will immediately tune out.

As teachers, and all of us are teachers in some measure, it is not our business to teach lessons.  It is our business to teach people.  Before we teach it is wise to listen and understand better the interests and priorities of our students.  When we do that, and speak in a language they understand the students can make better progress.  So instead of discoursing on the evils of adultery with threats of hellfire and damnation to back it up, I find it more advisable in a blog setting to promote the ideas of eternal romance, a happily ever after ideal and the like.  A sermon on the ills of alcohol turns into a discussion about how to be physically fit and cultivate a powerful mind/body experience, and yes, avoiding alcohol aids that experience.  Or taking it on a different level, we can discuss the power of being our own masters and thus avoiding alcohol or drugs, which would take us away from self mastery.   Taking this approach may also speak to those who are highly religious and give them a bit more of the reason behind conventional commandments.  This is my third blog and I learned from experience that if I spoke in a manner that was comfortable to myself (ie: extremely elevated speech) I received primarily blank stares.  So I learned to tone down my use of big words et cetera.

Sometimes we become concerned about how people will view us when we are living morally upstanding lives.  Certainly such a life seems odd in the eyes of the secular world.  But remember one thing.  If it is true, it will hold water outside of the framework of a religious text.  It will make the highest of logical sense.  God's commands always ultimately make perfect sense. 

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