Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fairy Romance

Dedicated to all who strive to do what is right and in spite of their best efforts, find themselves without a soul mate at this time.  One day you will be rewarded in a passionate and pure romance that exceeds conventional understanding.  My love and respect to you, always.

We waltz between the petals of the night
Here under moon dripped canopy we dance.
The earth has died away and all is right
Within this fairy innocent romance.

The stars gaze down in sweet and soft caress
As weary children we claim blessings sure
And finally the truth of soul express
With honest hearts and all intentions pure.

The soldier's garb's been finally cast aside
And silken robes of gold and azure hue
Erase the pain of souls so sorely tried.
All griefs depart and agonies subdue.

At last the pair find overwhelming bliss
As lips embrace in true love's tender kiss. 

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