Friday, April 5, 2013

Love Your Body

I often have women ask me in great enthusiasm to share my secrets of "being skinny."  My friends, I have only one secret and I would that every person in this world knew it. I wish I could flood the earth with this one secret, because the effects would be astronomical.  The secret to being, not skinny, but healthy in every way, is to learn to love your body.

Now, please don't get me wrong. Psychiatrists, media, and well meaning friends tell us to love our bodies in the sense that we accept ourselves as we are and learn to love our outer frames in spite of our human flaws.  That is good and sensible.  But if you want real change, it has to be more than skin deep.  When I discuss loving one's body I don't mean loving the muscles, curves or other sexual attractions.  I mean really, really learn to love the body.  All of it.

When I meditate I sometimes bring my focused attention to my heart, the marrow in my bones, or my personal favorite, the space inside the walls of the blood vessels.  I bring my focus, compassion, love and acceptance to every fiber of my body, inside and out.  I treat my body with care, neither training too hard at the gym, nor starving myself, nor keeping it too long idle, nor allowing unhealthy food to pass my lips.  I treat it with sacred respect.  Furthermore, I keep it modestly clothed, because frankly this chiseled temple is not just anyone's business.

What is the effect of this?  Well firstly, it brings the body to its ultimate best.  My best physique will be different from yours, and yours will be different from your neighbors.  My genetics are different from yours, and believe me, I have received insults to the point of abuse for having a "less than perfect" build.  But the powers that be, call it God, fate or what you will, make no mistakes.  Each kind of build has its beauty within it, both masculine and feminine.  Accept what you have and hold your head high, being the best you can be.  But whatever your best, caring properly for your body will bring it to its ideal weight and hold it there without incurring worry about keeping it at a certain size.  Secondly, you worry less about what others think of your appearance and more about loving and respecting yourself.  The result?  People see and unconsciously realize that you are something special.  You realize that you are something special and that your worth does not pivot according your looks.  So that is my secret - the only one I have.  The rest is merely detail. 

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