Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mormonism: A Gospel of Love

Some time ago, during the presidental election uproar, questions about Mitt Romney and Mormonism arose like so many bullets shooting out at me from every direction.  Some were from naysayers, some from honest seekers of knowledge and some just out of curiosity.  One man with whom I often conversed asked me point blank what Mormons believed.  He wanted it all from the beginning and I could see he was ready to start swinging almost no matter what my answer would be.  I began with a calm and placid smile.

"Mormonism is based on the single fact that God loves everyone, no matter who they are, where they live, when they live, or what they do.  Everything else is just detail."  Opponent.  Disarmed. 

I honestly think he sincerely wanted to know but had heard many horrible things about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He and I discussed much of this but there are some extra points that we didn't have time to address.  Allow me to explain why I defined my faith in these terms.  What makes Mormonism most different than other Christian sects?  Well, first there is The Book of Mormon.  The point and purpose of that book is to convince people that God loves all people, no matter part of the globe they inhabit.  He does not merely care only about people living in Jerusalem.  That is the heart and soul of The Book of Mormon.  Another thing that sets us apart is our practice of performing baptisms vicariously for the dead according to our belief that God does not simply condemn a person because he or she had no opportunity to learn about the gospel whilst in the mortal realm.  Most Christian sects believe that baptism is required for salvation.  How then if a person lived a wonderful life but never heard the name of Jesus Christ?  It makes no logical sense that a loving God would damn such a person when baptism was out of their reach. 

This same man asked later what I had to say about salvation.  I answered directly and immediately, "Salvation comes in and through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and in no other way."   We all make mistakes, and though the moral standards of the Church tend to seem sky high, we recognize that God loves everyone and has given us the opportunity, through the grace of Jesus Christ, to come back.  There are some who would class Mormonism as a cult, an organization inspired by Satan and heaven only knows what else.  If this is the kind of doctrine that would constitute a cult then so be it.  Say what you will; we love you anyway. 


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