Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mormonism: A Realistic Religion

I can hear some people now saying "Realistic religion - isn't that an oxymoron?"  Others may argue "religion is for the hereafter, and shouldn't be held to things of this world."  But if a religion is true, if God cares about His children and if He knows everything, then oughtn't He speak about both the mortal realm as well as the ethereal?  He is, after all, Master over the temporal realm and heaven itself.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a rather radical way of taking this absolutely literally, and those who abide by its precepts tend to prove well prepared for the tempests of this life.

Let me explain.  Mormon doctrine doesn't only teach about heaven, hell, and the evils of immorality.  We also hear from the pulpit things like the importance of staying out of debt, how to get and stay out of debt, the wisdom and actual command to accumulate a store of food in case of emergency, and the like.  When Mitt Romney said "We have a moral responsibility to spend less than we take in" he was speaking fluent Mormon.  We are even commanded to have a garden in whatever capacity we can according to our circumstances.  Why in the world would a religion discuss things like this?  Well, look at the full name of the church.  It is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Latter Day.  If one believes, really believes in the prophesies of Isaiah, Revelations, and the like, then one would know that in the last days the inhabitants of the world would be subject to tempests, earthquakes, war and the like.  It is part of our religion to recognize that we are living in those foreseen lawless times and to prepare to meet the circumstances outlined head on.

How does this play out in actual day to day living?  When natural disasters break out throughout the world the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is almost invariably a part of the rescuing aid.  We have in store hygiene kits, blankets, clothes, food and the like under the direction of church headquarters.  Our members are trained in meetings to respond to natural disasters.  I have seen the church offer free classes to anyone wanting to learn to communicate via radio in case other technology fails, and I have seen areas respond to emergency drills in order to check on every single one of the members in case of disaster.  We have at all times a network called home teaching in order to ensure that every member is accounted for and helped.  We are taught and encouraged to learn to live as simply as possible and be able to rough it at a moment's notice.  My friends, if God cares about His children, and He does, He will not only provide for their eternal welfare but help them care for themselves in their immediate surroundings.  He give the opportunity to walk by faith and without cause for terror, for if we are prepared, we will not fear.


  1. Saw this post on fb!
    Is it realistic that the Ancient Americans are actually of Jewish descent?
    Is it realistic that African Americans are cursed?

    Why does Utah have the highest bankruptcy rate in the nation if this religion helps make its members so money-wise?

    Just look up 'mormonism' on the web and read with an open mind. The true love of Christ can't be found in this 'religion'. Good blog though.

  2. My dear, precious Thomas. I have looked up Mormonism on the web and read with an open mind. I found a great deal of subtle lies and misleading information which took me some years to analyze and discover it as false. I have in prayer told God I would cast Mormonism to the curb if I found it to be false. I have spent many years studying it from every aspect. I report in this blog that which I have seen and experienced with my own eyes. They are my own conclusions, and I leave you, my dear brother, to yours.