Sunday, April 21, 2013

Neverending Love

Have you ever experienced the frustration when a friendship or relationship is broken, not because of any lack of affection, but because the circumstances proved too difficult for the relationship to continue?  Story of my life.  But I maintain that friendships can mend, even if the two parties have not spoken in years.  Indeed, I never consider any friendship I have lost to be gone forever.  I look upon it as only a momentary hiatus, that each may catch his breath and then come together again in more powerful fervor than ever before and I do not know of any person in my personal history that I would not welcome back if they had a mind to present themselves.  

I wandered through sweet heaven's light
And found myself by your dear side.
We've walked from day to darkest night
But still I beg "with me abide."

I'm feeling lost without your soul
And nothing in this world is sure.
My fate combines into your role
Eternally.  Our love is pure

And grander than this world can grasp
My heart to yours calls hopefully
And love for you I ever clasp
To inward soul, though woefully.

I feel the void without your love
And hope for answers soon at hand.
Come, let us look to grace above
And in eternal joy we'll stand.

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