Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pages of Eternity

Once long before this shadow life unfurled
We stood in joyful peace and glory bright,
And basking in a purer, greater world
Where God illumined all in heaven's light,
I know I knew you there and at my side
We fought against the wrong, promoting right.
How well I know we fought to stem the tide
Of wickedness. Our harmony of heart
I foolish hoped would ever strong abide.
But then came birth and things we knew would start
To blow away in winds of emptiness
And knowledge of the past must soon depart.
I sadly watched your light and soul digress
And echoes of the former life grew still.
I saw your shallow strivings to impress
The mortal realm of wickedness and ill.
I cannot stop your actions or your choice
But still my heart would plead that you fulfill
Your right that once again we may rejoice
In righteousness and holiness of soul.
I cannot bear the cowered, silenced voice
That once shook mountains.  So it was your role.

You're still the same with power sorely breached -
What would I give to see that heart unleashed!

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