Monday, April 15, 2013

Sexy, Liberated Women

I tend to look a bit askance at the idea that women often tote, "I can compete in the workplace, I can do the job of a man, and that makes me a liberated woman."  Call me absurd, but if a woman measures her femininity by the masculine things she can do and feels she can or has to compete with a man, how liberated is she, really?  It seems to me that a woman is most liberated when she does what women do best - be women!  Rather than competing with a man on his own turf, let's focus on complimenting him on our own.

I should add that I earn my bread in the capacity of a financial executive in a construction company.  This is a necessity.  I do my job, and I do it well, so my associates tell me.  But that is a job.  It isn't who I am. 

Perhaps we ought to define what femininity is.  It would take volumes but I think it is safe to say that a real woman is strong, smart, creative, and optimistic.  I have heard some women cry that they are not the creative type.  We are the creative sex, ladies!  When was the last time you saw a man carry a baby on his hips for nine months?  My point exactly.  We are the naturally compassionate, nurturing side of the species.  Being a woman means being a problem solver, a person who sees and creates beauty all around her for the sake of enjoying beauty, communing with uplifting things, and rendering service to others.  I heard a conversation not long ago of a man relating to a woman (they were friends - not dating) the annoying problem of losing electric power in his living room.  Without a moment's hesitation the woman responded that he ought to get candles and a gourmet dinner.  Brethren, level with me.  Which one of you honestly wouldn't like having a lady like that by his side?  Incidentally, he indicated that he might like to spend some more time with her almost immediately after this exchange, which brings me to my next point. 

Ladies, I speak to those who are interested in having or keeping a man in their lives.  Let's look at the situation in its true character.  Women often think that the same tools they use in the workplace will win a man over.  Examples of this include taking the lead, forcing a negative situation to change by clobbering it until it does and the like.  Way wrong answer in the love arena.  Ladies, unless the guy you want is a homosexual, he probably wants you to behave like a woman, not like a man at the office.  And if he is homosexual, you have another problem on your hands altogether.  Either way, take some time today to get in touch with your feminine side and rejoice in the gorgeous, powerful, wonderful daughter of God that you are! 

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