Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thank You

I have been very pensive of late and filled with gratitude to God for His miraculous blessings to me.  I cannot thank Him enough.  More specifically, I am grateful as I review the events of the past few years in my pilgrimage as it were in recovering from post traumatic stress.  I am hardly fully recovered at present, but there was a time when I could not rise from my bed, could not read more than a sentence at a time, and in mind and body had as it were not one stone left upon another.   And in answer to many a fervent prayer God did not immediately heal me but guided others to help me rebuild my life one shred at a time.  I would like to take a moment and thank some of those many who helped in restoring my health and life.  

Firstly, I would be amiss to forget my parents who took me to Cancun and other places of relaxation and my mother who ensured, among other things, that I would eat every day, for I had not presence of mind enough to do even that.  I am grateful also to relatives such as Crystal Junior and Martha Schreiber who took my situation seriously when others often too harshly attempted to dismiss its magnitude.  I thank Annie Smith, who taught and encouraged me when I came to turn to yoga as a means of healing, Rachel, my personal trainer who taught me the power of the human body in all its precious aspects, Jeff Comer who also instructed me in yoga and through whose teaching I learned how to connect spirit, body, mind and heart, using one to strengthen another, and the gorgeous yoga instructor Ms. Allisa Blue who acts as a continual reminder that life is more than merely staying alive.  This became paramount to my healing and to that end I also thank Coral Newberry for teaching by example that God is not only in the strict hand of order but also and equally in the joy of soul driven creativity.

I am tremendously grateful to Rocky Twitchell for discovering and believing in me, acting as a friend and brother in Christ in the truest of forms.  I come even to tears of gratitude for the exquisite Mark Byrnes who believed in me and saw not only goodness but greatness in me when I could least see it in myself.  If guardian angels exist in the flesh, he is most certainly mine.  My memory does not serve well from this period of my life, but I recall vaguely reading the works of Dr. Greg Jackson after my ability to read returned and though the trauma is still too thick to recall everything I remember that it pleased the Lord to employ his work as a means of breaking open a floodgate of light and memory, if only on a temporary basis.  My gratitude to him and his labors as well.  

 I come now to the twins who have never met.  They bear a common name of Eddie, and oh!  How much each has enriched my life!  Eddie Aguirre pulled me out of darkness as it were and after a year of my hardly cracking a smile, left me literally crying with laughter, struggling for breath and a fresh perspective on life overtaking me.  His counterpart, “Mister” Eddie, as he is commonly known, in doing little more than being his own wonderful self, helped bring me to a glorious dawn after the darkest of nights.  The goodness of his personality and the ethereal light of his spirit acted as a balm of Gilead on my pained and suffering soul.  
Yet all these wonderful people together are as nothing compared to the One who really brought me this far.  He has been my sun, my moon, and starlit sky; He is my confidante, my benefactor, my friend and the purest joy I have ever known.  He has urged me on and carried me through things I never believed I could have survived.  I love Him with a passion that all the world cannot lessen, a devotion that I shall surely employ the rest of my life illustrating, and a confidence unshakable and ennobling.  He is my first consideration in the morning, my last at night, and not a conscious hour passes that I do not rejoice in my Lord Jesus Christ. 

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