Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Power of a Man/Woman Relationship

Ironically enough, this is in no way a political statement.  The topic for this post has marinated in my mind for quite some time and I feel it advisable to share my thoughts and ideas on the subject now.  I am not speaking against anything here - merely celebrating the exquisite power of something that is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful aspects of humanity. 

I hardly have to bring up Human Sexuality 101 to state the point that physically speaking, men and women were created and designed to compliment each other perfectly.  It is in our genetic make up to come together perfectly and to powerful effect in the ultimate creation of another human being.  What other aspect of our lives proves as creative, godlike, and awe inspiring?  I can't think of one.  But there is something more than the physical constituent in a heterosexual relationship.

I have had the striking opportunity to counsel with a woman who through much sexual abuse and trauma forgot entirely what romance was and became terribly afraid of having anything to do with men. She says "it felt like half of my soul was wrenched away in the course of this amnesia.  Half of my progression, identity and destiny were torn out of my soul and there was nothing I could do about it."  She has learned, little by little, to stand being around men but generally cannot stand to have them touch her or sensually hit on her.  She continues "there is a spiritual power between man and woman, a vibe, that nothing else in this world can substitute.  Even being in the same room with a good, decent man softens and calms feminine anxiety on a spiritually microscopic level.  The reverse is probably true."

There you have it.  We aren't just made for each other physically, but also emotionally and no less powerfully, spiritually.  There is a synergy between man and woman that is blindingly bright and pure.  And as this woman's situation has proven, it doesn't have to be a sexual or even mildly physical relationship in order to carry great power.  We often hear in this world from people praising other versions of romantic love.  Let's take some initiative to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the classic man and woman romantic perfection.     

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