Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Rebellious Musician

My readers will note that I am taking a break from the deeper level conclusions I generally describe on this blog in order to relax a bit and do something fun.  I have often daydreamed about having conversations with my favorite historical characters.  We tend to think of Mozart as this stiff, classical, serious composer and he was really anything but.  He was in truth perhaps the wildest musical rebel of all time.

Michelle: Welcome back to MVSB Radio!  Tonight we have with us one of my favorite musical artists of all time.  Here is a man who rocked royalty as a young child, stood up without fear against kings and emperors as an adult, and harbored a romance with his first cousin.  Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

Mozart: Pulls down his sunglasses and winks. Call me Wolfy.

Michelle: Laughing.  Wolfgang, it's a pleasure to have you with me tonight.

Mozart: I adore being here!  And I'll try to keep my language clean.  I understand you don't like that kind of thing.

Michelle: Smiling. Thank you. Now, Wolfgang, I don't imagine there are many people in this world that do not know your name and no one contests your greatness as a composer.  How do you feel about that?

Mozart:'s wonderful...

Michelle: And about time, too, yes?

MozartLaughing.  I wasn't going to say it, but yes.  After being brushed aside for lesser musicians, living in poverty and being dumped into a mass grave with the rest of the commoners, yes.  It's refreshing.

Michelle:  Now, I have had the opportunity to read your letters to your family.  Interesting and extremely affectionate.

Mozart: I kiss you a million times!

Michelle: Smiles. Exactly.  I can see how you have so much passion in you that you even romantically fell for your cousin.

Mozart: Grins. She was gorgeous.

Michelle: And that passion is, I think, part of what makes you so special.  You are a this intense ball of energy and creativity.  I mean, composing a full opera when you were eleven!

Mozart: Sometimes you just need to listen to your own heart and follow it in spite of anyone else.  Follow your own heart, feel your own passion, find your own destiny and let it shine through.  Listening to other people tends to water down the passion inside.

Michelle:  You certainly stood your ground against your critics.  Your choice of opera librettos was rebellious to the extreme!  Set in a brothel, revolutionary against the nobility, and then there's my personal favorite, Don Giovanni.

Mozart: Bursts out laughing.

Michelle: Wicked!  How many women did he seduce in Spain alone, again?

Mozart: Smiling. One thousand and two.

Michelle: I can't help thinking that you died so young because you lived with such vigor and passion.  No one knows how you died.  Do you have any conclusions?

Mozart: Puts finger to his lips and winks with a good natured smile. Let's keep it a secret.  At the bottom of all reasons, God just decided it should be so.

Michelle:  Perhaps the world couldn't handle your direct window to heaven's inspiration anymore.  We certainly haven't been able to exceed your genius in composition yet.  Wolfgang, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this little chat.  You and I will have to meet up again sometime.

Mozart: We'll do lunch. Kisses her hand. I kiss your hand a thousand times!

Michelle: Laughs. Well, my friends, there you have it.  Remember to stay tuned to MVSB.  Our next show, at the continued request of our most constant and truest fan, Mr. Mark Byrnes, we will have an interview between wild man Henry David Thoreau and Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith.  Until next time!

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