Thursday, May 23, 2013

There are Heroisms All Around Us

In reading Thoreau's Walking recently I came across a passage that made me catch my breath.  It indicated that this was the time of great deeds.  He was talking about how America at that time required much exploration and improvement and that later generations would come to admire the improvements his contemporaries made, but it came to my mind that right here, right now in 2013, is also the time of heroic deeds, and perhaps the most heroic of all the history of mankind.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle says in The Lost World, "there are heroisms all around us."

Never in the history of the world has stakes been so high.  We walk daily through a battlefield of right and wrong, of giving in to what the world tells us we ought to do and what we really feel is the right thing, and if you are like me, you often face the issue of trusting your instinct in spite of what most people would deem logical.  I have found myself walking on faith so many times, and even chancing my life on what I could not see that in some cases I have to some extent forgotten there was such a thing as doubt.  I find with sorrow that many people turn to hide behind the shroud of forgetfulness that society weaves around them.  I hear people setting up their own barriers, such as saying "a man and a woman cannot be merely friends.  There has to always be a romantic intention on one side or the other" or "a messy divorce has to end with the ex husband and wife hating each other without any kind of friendship."  Let's prove such ideas wrong, shall we?  Let us dare to forgive an offender, or to reach out of our comfort zones to welcome a social untouchable or stand up to one who would treat others with contempt.  If we do not, what difference do we make with our lives?  If we merely accept the status quo in all things, are we not already walking about in a stupor of death day by day?

I would not share this if I did not feel impressed so to do, but I will render a personal example of what I mean.  Many years ago I suffered a great deal of persecution from a boy in my school.  His persecution was constant, daily, degrading, and often physically injuring.  This continued for years with no sign of repentance.  In high school I began to rise in the social scale and he fell out of range as to popularity.  No one knew who he was anymore and he became socially powerless.  I found myself often praying for him.  On the night of our graduation I determined to approach him in friendship but he was gone before I could find him.  Over a decade later I searched for him on Facebook and sent him a friend request.  He readily accepted and I told him that I had spent much time praying for his happiness and his personal success for years.  Perhaps this was not according to what is generally acceptable in the social realm, but miracles never are, and heaven is not captive to the laws of wicked earth.

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