Sunday, May 19, 2013

What Do Mormons Do For Fun?!

I heard a story sometime ago of two people walking down the street together.  One was wearing a shirt that read "I can't.  I'm a Mormon."  The other wore a similar shirt that read "I can't.  I'm with a Mormon."  We Mormons tend to laugh hysterically at stories like that.  We generally have a very good natured sense of humor about ourselves, and in fact there are several movies such as "Singles Ward" that are made by members of the church that somewhat make fun of traditions and eccentricities that we tend to have as a people.  Others tend to define us by what we do not do, such as drink alcohol, but we delight tremendously in those things that we can do, and usually do well.

So what can a Mormon do for fun?  Well, as stated, we tend to be very excellent onstage, whether that be drama, music, or public speaking.  We are admonished by the church to develop our talents, so it isn't uncommon to find excellent artists, writers, photographers, designers, chefs and the like among our ranks.  I don't know about you, but I love a good game of volleyball, especially on the beach.  We are encouraged to learn and explore the world around us, so many, like myself, are avid travelers.  Get most of us on a dance floor and we will tear it up.  Dancing was the primary entertainment for Mormons as they crossed the American plains into the Salt Lake Valley, and we carry the tradition forward.  Most of my weekends during high school included church dances, and it was often remarked "Well of course all Mormons know how to swing dance!"  (Swing dancing, for those who don't know, is Benny Goodman type stuff - check out the Christian Bale flick "Swing Kids" for further details.  It's fun and also rather dangerous.)  Mormons also tend to be very social creatures and we are used to reaching out into the community and being a full participant of the events therein. 

So what do Mormons do for fun?  Anything we want!  Hiking, fishing, sports, and the single people are masters of creative dating.  I know a couple who decided to randomly have a picnic in the median of a busy intersection.  Another couple had a starlit dinner on the roof.  One guy in high school asked me out by sneaking into my bedroom while I was gone, covering my floor with Hershey kisses and left a note that read "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to Winter Formal with me?"  That kind of thing is actually pretty typical.  He and I weren't even romantically involved.  We just went out as friends.  Now, sure if you want to get sloshed, forget everything you did all evening and like go right ahead.  But if you want some real fun, go find yourself a Mormon!

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