Friday, June 28, 2013

Drowning in Love

How much love can you imagine?   How much love have you ever felt in one moment?  Now please understand me when I say the word love.  I do not mean lust, I do not mean affection and I do not mean attention.  I mean pure, passionate, overwhelming, bright, powerful, innocent love.  What is the greatest love you have ever felt?

Perhaps you expect me to move on now in a sermon about how the Almighty's love is greatest above all.  I might well do that, for it is true, but I would rather focus today on interpersonal love, or the love we bear each other.   It is a strange thing, but I think that the love we bear each other can be powerful to the effect of rendering a beloved person helpless.  Surely God's hand is in it in order to prove sufficiently powerful, but He allows us pure and innocent love amongst ourselves as well. 

I speak thus as my mind has been much engaged today in a very rare phenomenon that has only transpired twice in my life, at least to my present memory.  Both times it has opened the same way.  There has been someone abut whom I cared deeply, and trouble brewed within that friendship.  I was on the verge of giving up, wondering how I could do so, not sure if I could but knowing I must, feeling that the person cared nothing about me and the like.  Then retiring to bed I spent a very fitful night.  Though I do not distinctly remember much about the dreams, it seemed as though something was being conveyed to me, that though there may be difficulties, things were yet on the right track and would prove more glorious than I could then imagine.  All I remember distinctly was a brilliant, blinding, ethereal light overpowering my senses and a love more innocent, pure and passionate than I could at that time comprehend.  I woke amazed, in a sweat, almost choking from the love pouring in unadulterated power into my soul.  Though strong enough to move mountains, I felt that it was not strictly the love of God but rather a purified and honest love from the person about whom I was troubled.  The second time this happened, which to own the truth was two nights ago, I repeatedly woke in a panic, kicking around the bed, trying to break away from the crushing force of light and reckless, insisting, irrational love, literally gasping for air, my soul helplessly melting at the dynamic and passionate heat that overwhelmed me. 

I don't have all the answers as to why things happen, why friendships go awry or fall apart and why heartache has to occur in our lives.  But I do know that there is a friendly guiding Hand that is at the helm of all things, that many of the blessings denied us for a small moment will be restored at a later time, and perhaps the reason friendships do not come to full fruition immediately is because they are in truth more heavenly than our finite minds can comprehend. 

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