Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Look Great During Swimsuit Season!

No, no one has hijacked my blog.  It's still me. But it seems like an appropriate topic considering summer has started and I know that the vast majority of women are sadly worrying about wearing a swimsuit.  So I have a word to say concerning something that has a tendency to depress, upset and frustrate a great many of us - our own self image.

Let me begin by saying that I have long hated wearing a swimsuit myself.  When this began it was for the typical reasons but now it has evolved into Ms. Majorly Modest Mormon Mommy Michelle has learned to respect my body to the point of cringing at the idea of showing it off to any random person who happens along.  I'm not a piece of meat (and yes, I have pictures of me in a swimsuit without the wrap.  You don't get to see them. Too many silly, drooling boys out there. :) ).  But I have no qualms about the caliber of my physique anymore.  What changed that perspective?  I think the answer to being confident with your body is to learn to accept yourself for who you are and love your own body, independent of anyone else.  Recognize that you are unique, special and that no one can take your place. Let's say that we have a woman who weighs 200 pounds.  She works like a slave at the gym, eats healthful food and gets down to 160.  I say "Bravo!"  She has every right in the world to hold her head high and be proud of her accomplishment.  Does a woman like that have to sit in despair that she isn't a size zero?  Absolutely not.  Or a naturally thin lady who has felt that she is less than other women because she isn't built like Jessica Rabbit?  Let her exercise, eat well and recognize that she is being her best with every reason to love herself for it.  I have known men to have a similar issue, actually, though it tends to gain less publicity.  Nearly every man I know wishes he were taller.  I was talking to a guy who completely towered above me and asked, "You're what?  6'5"?"  His answer - "I wish.  I'm only 6'2"."  Does he know how many other men would kill to come up to his shoulder?

So the answer to looking fabulous in a swimsuit is not about measurements or body type.  It is about self acceptance and recognizing that you are a valuable human being just as you are.  If we are still having problems about being self conscious I would suggest we get out into the pool or beach and turn our attention to having a kind word for everyone we meet, seeking out those who look particularly uncomfortable being there and dropping a random compliment and ensuring everyone around you is having fun.  A welcoming smile and sweet countenance looks great on anyone!

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