Thursday, July 18, 2013

Enjoying Femininity

This world has of late years become a vast, confused knot of spliced gender roles and gender confusion.  I speak more specifically regarding the world’s view of females and the feminine role.  In past centuries, men have ruled the world in virtually everything and true it is that in many ways they have treated women as inferiors.  It is well that this has had to be stopped, and I understand that the fact of women joining the work force, performing traditionally masculine roles, has played an important part in this most necessary change.  Men who have belittled women were wrong then, and if they do so now, they are still wrong.  But we have enough women who are tough; we need women who are tender.

I fear that women are losing their native identity, taking upon them masculinity as their new identity, and forgetting all those things that make them so glorious.  I have heard of women scoff at the idea of being referred to as emotional beings, and some would argue that the idea of baking bread from scratch is an old fashioned idea that keeps women in chains.  Truthfully, this financial executive loves to bake bread from scratch – it makes my whole house smell wonderful!  The thing most powerfully keeping women in chains now is their own decisions to cast home and children aside for things that are not ultimately as important and denying the glory of femininity itself. 

Ladies, rejoice in your innate power to create human beings, to act sympathetically, to love passionately, to create a powerful spirit in a home, to make the world a better place through service, and to be naturally and inexpressibly tender!  Rejoice in the fact that you have valid emotions, and relearn to trust your intuition.  Recognize that kindness is a more powerful force than violence and have joy that it is naturally wired into you to hold kindness in your heart.  Have joy that you have a woman’s body - sweet, beautiful and most sacred – and treat it with the awe inspiring reverence it deserves.   The world is in need of so much and certainly a great measure of what we can do to change the world lies in feminine hands.

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