Thursday, July 18, 2013

Roll With The Punches

One of my greatest passions from my infancy is reading.  I have an unquenchable thirst for good literature.  In high school I also trained in voice and had determined to become either a professor of English or an operatic vocalist.  These were the things that interested me and I had my heart very much set upon one or the other.

Then the first blow came.  I realized that in my situation the directors and musical judges surrounding me were more interested in making their judgements based on politics and flirtation than talent.  I found it impossible to progress in this my first venue.  An inspired English teacher picked me up and impressed on my mind that English, the other passion of my soul, was still an open option.  Tearfully, I pulled away from music and set my sights toward literature as a college major.  It was one of the hardest and most heartbreaking things I have ever done.  Circumstances in college made it very difficult to pursue my PhD in English.  I had to choose to some extent between following my conscience and pleasing immoral professors.  My conscience won and my GPA suffered.  At the end of college, a career in English looked rather bleak and the family business was in need of some help.  Much to my chagrin I attained a real estate license and sat myself behind a computer to manage the bookkeeping of my parents' very lucrative construction firm. I've been here for about a decade now.

But though I couldn't immediately act out in the fervent passion of my desires, I think God gave me something better.  He gave me a life that is tremendously better balanced than it possibly could have been had I followed my own aspirations.  When people hear me speak about literature or read my poetry there is little question that I am well educated in that field.  Then they hear me sing and often ask if I am a professional vocalist.  Finally in desperation they ask me what in the world I do for a living and the answer "I'm the chief financial executive for a wonderful construction company and an associate real estate broker" tends to take them by surprise.  Adding to that the fact that I can help design and to some extent oversee the construction of a custom home, I cannot help but think that when God takes away a blessing we feel we need, He does it because He knows those things of which we are capable better than we do and is giving us the opportunity to expand our talents in a way we could never have foreseen.

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