Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sexy Churchgoing Mommy

I had the opportunity recently in my usual hip hop class to ponder the nature of what makes a woman sexy.  My typical instructor being out, I had a substitute who I had known before and whose classes I had found admirable in the aerobic sense but rather lacking in terms of style, and which generally failed to hold my attention for very long.  I suffered through it for some time and eventually heard her instruct the class to "be sexy!  You aren't a church going mommy right now!  You're sexy!"  Shortly thereafter I became so violently bored that I skipped out the door and headed for the treadmill instead.

It seems strange to me that such a notion exists which dictates devotion to God makes a person boring.  In truth, it is part of what makes a person tremendously exciting!  Society tends to paint a picture that religious fervor deadens one's personality.  Hardly.  It enhances the beauty already within a person and weeds out the flaws that makes him or her less than awe inspiring.  It adds dignity, strength, poise, wisdom, and life to one's character.  It is the religious individual who is willing to take risks, who has purpose, and who respects and admires the human form enough to know how to best employ it.  Just sayin'.  Cheap and easy hardly means sexy.  It just means cheap and easy.  The best things in life aren't easy and neither are they cheap.

This talk may be all well and good of course, but what of proof?  What of those things that matter right here and now?  In this world, isn't being sexy important?  These are valid questions, and they have tremendous bearing on whether or not a person is willing to devote themselves to a life of moral decency.  Well, much to my chagrin, I have only one way of answering that.  Last night I attended a different dance class with a more graceful and respectful teacher.  I am not about to take a video of my antics on the dance floor, but to illustrate the point I took center stage, attired in form fitting black shirt and pants with crimson lipstick, between the beautiful Hispanic instructor and a gorgeous, very modestly clad Mexican woman who was all curves and passion.  And between the hip swinging salsa and body rolls I don't think anyone would have argued that we three self respecting, poised, classy ladies made the most confident, sexiest trio on the floor.    

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