Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beauty From the Inside Out

My dear friends, I feel obligated to begin with a rather shocking confession.  This blogger who some of you have come to know as ever focused on the soul, natural beauty and the deeper aspects of life has for some years technically been a Mary Kay consultant.  No, this does not make me a hypocrite.  It simply means that I recognize that as our souls need nurturing and self love, our bodies do as well and Mary Kay focuses not so much on physical beauty as it does on inner beauty and bringing women's divine potential to the surface.  Can't argue with that.  I have rarely employed this ability, though for many reasons I feel moved to begin selling cosmetics more frequently from now on.

But even as a cosmetics salesperson, let me tell you the real place from which beauty comes.  It comes from within.  Even physical beauty comes from within.  I myself wear precious little make up.  At the most I will wear lipstick, fill in my eyebrows a touch and if necessary dab a bit of concealer.  That is all.  But I have found that exercise, healthy eating habits, and clean living makes itself manifest in one's skin, hair, nails and the like.  Love the inner body and the outer body will to a great degree take care of itself.  And as to Mary Kay products, there are many fantastic creams, serums, etc that work from the inside out and which I frequently use.  Take care of the skin by cleansing and conditioning it, and you will have less and less need of make up to cover it.  It doesn't really extend its products to hair but the same concept holds true.  Refrain from burning it with irons and distressing it with dye - in other words, accept yourself as God made you - and you will find it shinier, healthier and fuller.  My hair tends to shed a bit when I am under stress.  Again, take care of the inner soul in meditation and trusting the Almighty and stress will damage the outer shell with less vehemence. 

And perhaps the thing that makes us the most physically beautiful is our own confidence and self respect.  It creates an aura around us that affects our posture, our walk, our mannerisms and which can never come from anything outside our own souls.  The realization that we are special, precious, divine creations in the image of God can and ought to prove the foundation of our beauty regimen.  And that is something that poverty, stress, mockery and disease can never take.  The power to be exquisitely beautiful is already within you.  And as to the rest, feel free shoot me a message if you like and I'll see if I can get you a deal on fantastic "inside out" beauty products from Mary Kay!