Sunday, August 25, 2013

Born That Way: A Word on Homosexuality

The idea for this post has been cruising around in my mind for weeks but this morning, though I generally do not post on Sundays, the Lord has impressed me so powerfully to do it that I think I had better lay everything else down and get writing. My friends, there is not one of us in this world that is perfect.  There is not one of us that has all the answers, has overcome every obstacle of life, or learned all there is to learn for the human soul and mind.  But life and God have taught me one principle that underlies much of what we face here in this temporal, mortal realm.  Who we are is determined by what we choose, not how we are born.  

Take this principle from one who knows this well.  Both my parents were born very poor.  They now enjoy a tremendous amount of wealth.  I myself was born with depression.  It was something I never thought I could overcome and which haunted my every waking moment for two decades.  Anyone who has seen my facebook posts in the last week and a half can readily see that there isn't a shred of depression left in me, and in truth, there has not been depression in me for years now.  I have never taken medication nor seen a counselor about it, and yet it is gone.  I have a friend who was born exceedingly bipolar.  Again, without medication or counseling from a certified therapist this friend now leads a relatively stable life.  How is this possible?  My friends, with God anything is possible.  

Our society likes to pose the idea that we must define ourselves by those passions and feelings with which we were born, particularly the immoral ones, and frequently says that if ever we have ever experienced homosexual feelings then that is who we are.  Not so.  We are what we choose to be.  I have always known without doubt that we are eternal beings who are powerful beyond mortal comprehension and are crammed into this mortal earth life where we do not have the mobility to recognize immediately our true selves.  I believe that people who have homosexual feelings are in great measure those spirits who have an overwhelming amount of natural love in them and a heart wide enough to embrace all mankind.  And I know by experience that if we choose to live by the laws of God, He will make us something better than we could have imagined.  He can take that exquisite virtue and make it manifest in a manner more powerful than we could have by following what the world tells us or following our own poor senses of direction.  And fear not.  Our trials are but the groundwork for the mansions in which we will eventually reside.