Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feel Like a Woman

As I look around me at this bizarre and mixed up world, one thing that tends to stand out as particularly strange is the fact that men and women have learned how to forget their personal identities and try to become the opposite gender.  Ladies, when was the last time a guy handed you his phone number and asked you to call him?  Last week?  Yeah.  I thought so.  Gender blasphemies of that kind are continually on the rise and it often seems rather unchecked.  Women often face expectations of forgetting the natural motherly instincts God gave them until they have proven themselves competing against men in the workplace.  My friends, let's go back to a very basic truth that we all know almost from the cradle but for some reason in adulthood tend to forget.  

Men and women are different.  Hello!

This really ought to be self evident, but in truth the distinction is becoming less and less clear.  So let's reestablish the facts.  Brethren, I respect you tremendously and recognize that I am hardly qualified to tell you how to be a man, but I can remind the women of who they are and were meant to be.  Ladies, one of the most powerful aspects of character that we have naturally inborn but tend to forget is how to feel.  We are often told that in "real life" women's emotions mean nothing.  May I remind us all that a woman's intuition is usually right even when it flies in the face of immediate logic?  How many people have been uplifted, how many solutions discovered and even how many lives have been rescued because strong, intelligent women have followed their gut instincts?  Countless.  And yet we are told that our emotions and inner spirituality do not matter as much as our abilities to do a man's job in the workplace. 

My dear sisters, we have the powerful and passionate gift of being guardians of the hearth, nurturers of the future, and beacons of compassionate light to the weary.  So take a moment to thank God for making you what you are and rendering you the divine inspiration to be an extraordinary woman.