Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Just Call it a Solo"

It isn’t often that one hears extraordinary pearls of wisdom on a dance floor, and certainly when I sauntered into my hip hop class some weeks ago I hadn’t expected to meet a beautiful, fun, passionate and wise substitute taking lead of the class.  As a gesture to help everyone feel welcome and to relax those who may have had some shyness or self consciousness she headed her lesson with a brief introduction and told us not to worry if we couldn’t master all the choreography immediately.  In her words, “If you start to go the wrong way” here she shrugged with dramatic hip hop indifference, “just call it a solo.”

Isn’t life like that?  Not one of us is perfect, and surely there is so much we could say about our imperfections.  We could allow ourselves to sit miserably contemplating our shortcomings and in so doing allow the whole of life to pass us.  I have heard some people say, “But this person or that is so perfect and never makes any social blunders.”  Let me tell you about two people - the only two people I know, who have never to my knowledge made an accidental social blunder.  My goodness, what miserable people they are!  One of them had longed for a certain blessing all his life and then when he had it in the palm of his hand, he looked around and in order to keep up a perfect image made unwise choices that caused this treasured blessing to slip out of his hands in a way that can never be restored.  The other prided himself so much on being right and never saying anything except what was “cool” by the world at large that he descended to the lowest circle of depravity in trying to destroy other people’s lives in order to make himself look better.  He mocked people’s ideas, mannerisms and even religion without any check on his behavior.  He made enemies of those who were most honestly eager to love him, and surely anyone who understands what he does can readily see that this behavior does not mean he is socially graceful but at the heart of himself is insecure beyond belief.  

Now, I don’t know about you, gentle reader, but I myself appreciate being around open, kindhearted, honest individuals who can be themselves even if it means that not every word that leaves their mouths is perfectly polished.  We are all human and we all have our own inner fire and natural charm.  And as for myself, imperfect being that I am, I make a great many accidental blunders but I do not see that such things ought to stop me from living, cause me to shrink in shame or give up in being the best person I can be.  Even if my whole life may prove one massive social mistake, hey, I’m going to “just call it a solo.”