Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When I Pray for You

I have for many years had people ask me to pray for them or for loved ones who have fallen to the wayside or have some tremendous struggle in their lives.  Countless mothers have asked me to pray for their wayward children and never have I turned them down.  And with all this prayer one might expect that I have learned a thing or two about how to pray, effective prayers to render and the like.  There are some things that I have learned in the many years I have prayed for people that I had not considered before but have discovered to prove absolutely groundbreaking.  Allow me to share these ideas and attitudes with you.

Frequently people ask me to pray for someone's salvation.  I applaud that they pray for salvation!  I myself have come to pray somewhat differently and I will tell you why.  Let us suppose we have someone who is not interested in going to church, not interested in religion and the like and you just can't get him or her to take these very serious things seriously.  When it is someone we love we have the tendency to panic.  We want them to turn around immediately and immediately see results so that we can rest more easily.  I have seen loving relatives of wayward souls resort to desperation, coercion, coaxing, pleading, and threats without any change in their beloved's behavior.  That is because we panic and think, "Oh, but if I could just get him into the pearly gates, even if I had to drag him there, everything would be fine!"  My friends, I invite you to trust God more deeply and take a deep breath.  As stated, I never pray for people's salvation anymore.  Why?  Because doing so is like fixing the symptoms of a disease and ignoring the infection itself.  I pray that this person will look deeply inside him or herself and bring that natural God given potential to the surface.  When we do this, we remind ourselves that this is a journey and that God, who created this person, is at the helm.  We remind ourselves that this person is not ours to control but has an independent destiny and we learn to respect it.  Also, I truly believe that every person has the power to be a mighty force for good.  What is a better option?  To drag someone kicking and screaming through the gates of heaven or inspire them to stand on their own feet and valiantly not only make their own way toward God but bring many others with them?  When we fulfill our own potential, we become a massive powerhouse of spiritual strength and it uplifts those around us.  I have counseled countless people through their problems and I have never known this principle to fail. True, it takes some patience, but are we not already losing patience that our beloved is not immediately doing everything we think he or she should be doing?

People change their lives for the better when they are loved to the very center of their souls and that person who loves them also tells them the potential of who and what they can be.  They change when they feel they are being accepted for who they are and that all you want is to give them more happiness and joy than they could have had otherwise.  When they understand that they will pick themselves up voluntarily and follow the beckoning light before them.