Sunday, September 1, 2013

Respecting Men

Now this is a topic about which I have long wanted to write, one very much near and dear to my heart and about which I have felt passionately my entire life.  I realize I have of late been writing much that nods to the glory of womanhood, and as a member of that sex I have every right to do so.  I have had several gentlemen in the last few days be so kind as to agree with me in placing women on a pedestal even to the degrading and abasing of their own gender.  But glorifying femininity does not in any manner demean or belittle masculinity and I have always had a very deep and abiding respect for men, their divinely given roles, and their individual potential as sons of God.  There is something tremendously powerful about a man and the divine worth he has.  And all men have exquisite amounts of divine worth.

Brethren, I understand that in many shows, movies and the like men are degraded and referred to as unintelligent and weak.  Please know that there is at least one woman in this world who vehemently disagrees with such ideas.  Within each and every man there exists a soul that has potential to shine brilliantly and eternally, that unleashed in purity has the power to overcome every obstacle the devil or this world can devise.  This is a truth I have known and felt keenly from my infancy and those who know me most intimately can attest that I believe and follow this doctrine even to the point of exceeding recklessness. 

You may not realize it yourselves but there is an aura emanating from you, each one of you without exception, that testifies of your individual potential.  That vibe of masculinity if you will, comes through and is strongest when a man is living an upright and morally admirable life.  Many years ago I was sitting on the floor watching a show and a guy I only somewhat knew happened to be standing next to me.  He was minding his own business, arms crossed, and was tapping his foot to the music.  He was not the type of guy to prove a temptation to me but as I sat next to him something hit me with tremendous force.  It was as though a great and overwhelming manly power wafted from him to me and for a moment there I had to catch my breath and shake off the dizzying intoxication I suddenly felt.  Had he chosen to act at that moment I likely would have ended up dating him.  I learned later that he was a very morally upstanding, innocent, righteous fellow and by the unstoppable power of his spirit I have no reason to doubt the genuine goodness I saw in his outward actions.  My brethren, look for that potential within yourselves, learn to recognize it and rejoice in fulfilling all that God intended you to be.  Chances are, you are far more exquisite in every way than you know.