Monday, October 21, 2013

Personal Government

Yesterday I spent some time listening to women discuss life as they saw it in our particular day and age.  They repeatedly expressed tremendous concern at the lack of morals in our country, the laws that they considered to be contrary to the doctrines of Christianity and the like.  I heard fear in their voices and a weak struggling toward heaven in wonderment and trembling faith.  My friends, let me calm some of those concerns.

We live in a day and age that is glorious!  We live in a country where for the most part we have a great deal of freedom.  Some may argue that we have too much "freedom" and that traditional values are being cast aside on every hand.  How true that is, and what a wonderful time to be alive.  Now, more than any age of the earth we have the opportunity to stand to our full heights and maintain our own personal governments.  We have a greater opportunity today than ever before to be true to ourselves and those things in which we believe!  People complain that it is so hard to be a good person in this era.  Yes!  And how strong and wonderful those are who can maintain their integrity!  We are not weaklings, and God knows who He placed on this earth at this time!  We are strong enough to maintain our own values even against great opposition.  Does a bodybuilder become powerful by curling five pound weights all the time?  No.  He or she lifts heavier and heavier weights to exercise their muscles and because they do everyone around them can testify to their strength and power at a glance.  What a wonderful compliment it is to know that God believes in us enough to place us in an era such as this, and to understand that He knows we are so strong that in order to progress and become better we need such powerful opposition as we see around us!

Simply because morally indecent things are legal does not mean we have to partake of them!  We can calmly, kindly turn away and rest upon our own personal confidence and the confidence that comes from following the Lord.  So my friends, the lower social values sink, the taller we can stand united looking heavenward to the God who is always at the helm.