Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When the Sower's Hand is Cold

Some time ago I directed a song in my women's class at church entitled "We Are Sowing," which discusses among other things the fact that when we have done all we can in order to help others, make a difference and plant seeds of hope we sometimes find ourselves discouraged at the lack of result.  But, it reminds us, that sometimes plants do not come to fruition "until the sower's hand is cold" or in other words until we have stopped our labors and moved on with our lives, trusting the rest to God.  

I have often felt myself that my labors have been without fruition and that my efforts have been entirely wasted.  I was feeling so some time ago when a card arrived in the mail.  It was from a very dear friend who began by saying that it was long overdue that she thanked me for the kind things I had done for her.  She went on to tell me that she had been feeling downcast for the same reason when I chose and directed that song.  She took it to heart at the time and bore testimony to me that the words in that song were true.  What a miracle it was that after having sown seeds of inspirational music and feeling as though my efforts at kindness for others had been much wasted that seed I had sown came round in a full circle right back to me when I most needed it. 

My friends, sometimes we feel as though our efforts are wasted, that our hopes are irretrievably dashed, and that there is no point in continuing.  When we have done all we can, expended every inch of strength we have and nevertheless have been checkmated out of being able to do more, let us leave the situation to the Almighty and move forward in faith, not that what we hope may transpire will happen, but that the Lord knows best and will act for our best interests.  When we can do nothing more, leave it to God and remember that sometimes miracles do not occur until the sower's hand is cold.