Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

My dear ladies, I hope I may call you that.  I love my sisters in this world, and I hope I may have great joy of you in general and in the art of love.  We as women have a terrible burden to bear in this society, because this society tells us that to be a lady is to be inferior to being a rough, tough manly-girl.  It simply isn't so.  Being a lady is glorious.  Now, that being said, let me answer the question posed by this title.  Often, good men are right under our noses but we have been trained by the world not to recognize them.  

I have spent a great deal of time in the last year listening to men vent their frustrations in relation to women.  I have heard far too often that good men who want a deep, committed relationship find themselves used for sex by women and then abandoned.  Seriously?  I always thought it was generally the other way around!  I fear the moral standards of women in this world have been falling severely, and I promise you that as long as we continue this trend we will not be able to find any good men left, not because they do not exist but because we will have closed off our own minds toward accepting them.

Ladies, we really do have tremendous power over men.  It may not seem that way because they are strong, manly and often tower over us, but even the biggest guys will usually conform to what a woman wants because he instinctively wants to impress and woo her.  Not always, but in many cases, the woman sets the standard of how her love life transpires.  I know, we always think men should do that because they are the dominant ones, but honestly, they often will tailor their behavior to what we make plain we want if we are open and mature about it.  It is perfectly acceptable, even with the least morally apt men, to let them know unmistakably that we are more than a mere sex toy and if we are treated in that manner we will walk away without a second thought.  You have much influence, in fact, to turn a bad man into a good one, but you need to be a morally upstanding person first.  Use that influence, and you will find that there will be more good men in this world than you ever knew existed.  And if you are looking for a good man right now I have about five lonely, injured ones between the ages of 25 and 38 I would love to introduce to you!