Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nothing Shall Be Impossible

Luke tells us right off the bat in his first chapter that with God nothing is impossible.  How often do we contemplate the magnitude of that statement?  I think we generally parrot it with the good intention of comprehending it and the hopes that one day we might, but I know that truly nothing is impossible with the Lord.  I have come to know this for myself through countless experiences.  Allow me discuss only one.  

Valentine's Day 2007 is a day that no one in my family will likely ever forget.  It became a standing testimony to all who in any way experienced it that God is truly over all things and that nothing is impossible.  I was driving to work on the freeway with my daughter, nanny and unborn son when a gravel truck drove us into a guardrail and hit the front of our car, sending it spinning across three lanes of traffic. We came to an abrupt stop when we smashed face first into the opposite concrete wall.  A second later a full sized semi barreled into our trunk and spun along with the semi, colliding with it again before finally stopping altogether.  The entire backseat was smashed into pieces except where my daughter was sitting.  She received one scratch on her nose and lost one drop of blood but was otherwise unharmed.  The nanny sustained a few internal and external bruises which healed remarkably quickly.  I also received a few light bruises and though I was hit directly in the hip my unborn son was completely untouched.  Word spread like wildfire throughout the hospital of our miraculous escape from death and when I checked out nurses gaped in awe at the woman who literally walked away.

Faith precedes the miracle and I had been prayerfully searching for miracles in my life prior to this situation, but it has remained etched in my mind as a very real, physical manifestation of God's hand in our lives unto the sustaining and preserving of those who follow Him.  It has proven an indisputable testimony to me that God is at the helm and though we may be called to walk through hell and fire, His protecting hand will never allow any pain or sorrow into our lives save those we need for our progression and learning.