Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Defending the Bible

This is not perhaps strictly speaking a Christmas topic but it has been a concept that has percolated much in my mind for some time and pertains to bearing testimony of the truth of the Bible and the divinity of Jesus Christ.  We live in a society that increasingly takes sacred things lightly, belittles Holy Writ, and denies the the Lord Jesus Christ.  Intellectuals and professors may tell us sneeringly that the Bible has contradictions within it and that it has been changed through human error and corruption over the course of two thousand years.  They may argue that the Bible is not complete because there are allusions to prophets but does not contain the words of those prophets.  They may say that it is merely a history book of one group of people and their backward beliefs.  And granted, it is difficult to answer all these accusations for many of them have factual foundations.  

But I know of a way to counter every last one of these arguments.  There exists another book of ancient date that echoes the teachings of the Holy Bible, confirms the divinity of Christ, and proclaims unreservedly to the world that the Bible is true.  I speak, of course, of The Book of Mormon.  The purpose of The Book of Mormon is to act as a support to the truths we already have in the Bible.  It is a book written by ancient inhabitants of the American continent who knew of the gospel of Jesus Christ and wrote them in a history of their people.  I have heard people scoff and say that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon but I would ask you how a 23 year old untutored farm boy could have written a complex five hundred plus page work that reflected accurately on ancient American discoveries that had not yet at his time been made?

To my fellow Christians, I would ask if you believe that God is the God of only one group of people?  Or is He the God of the whole earth?  In my travels to Meso America I have studied many of the sacred engravings and carvings there that reflect the truths proclaimed in the Bible.  I have read much of the Popul Vuh and have found its teachings remarkably reflected in both the Bible and Book of Mormon.  When I was traveling in Guatemala I came across this statue, recently excavated.  If not from the ancient tradition of the Jews, where could these people have gained the tradition of their kings holding in their hands and  reverencing a six pointed star?  I have seen that star before in my travels.  It was on the tomb of King David in the city of Jerusalem.  Is God not the God of the whole earth and is He not capable of speaking to one group of people as He speaks to another?  Let us rejoice that the Lord loves all His children regardless of who they are or which part of the globe they inhabit.  In this, The Book of Mormon conclusively proves that the Bible, though beaten and misused for two thousand years, remains true.