Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If Thou Be The Son of God

We do not have much record of the personal thoughts or frustrations the Savior might have experienced, or what might have been most a thorn in His side.  I doubt that we can altogether imagine or comprehend His thoughts even if we managed to have a record of them.  But He faced one repeated slight in different forms.  It is expressed in different ways throughout the Gospels but often it begins with something like, "If thou be the Son of God...." and followed by an injunction to serve Himself in some way.  It is a double insult to His pride and also a temptation to use His divine gifts to serve Himself instead of others.

The Lord faced this mockery not only in His wrestle against Satan in the wilderness but also on the cross and indeed, the bulk of what others did to Him was based on this premise.  All the evil mankind did to Him was because they did not believe who He was, or chose not to accept it.  Thus, they taunted Him.  I find it interesting that in all these instances He never once attempts to prove His divinity.  He answers this part of the taunt with silence.  Sometimes silence is the most profound and invincible argument.  Never does He try to argue the point of who He is.  He just knows who He is and stands alone in quiet majesty.

So it is with us.  Often people may try to get us to believe that we are less than glorious.  People may attempt to argue our value and self worth.  Do we need to argue back?  Or would a better confirmation of our dignity be to stand in calm and confident silence?  We never need attempt to justify ourselves to those who would belittle us, or angrily argue with them.  Indeed, arguing such a point only makes us stoop to a lower level than we need reach.  

Stand where you are and let your beautiful inner strength speak for itself.