Sunday, December 1, 2013

Peace I Leave With You

In this era of the world and also in this most hectic of all months, peace is a hallowed and rare possession.  We may find it difficult to find peace in this tumult of crumbling values, financial and political upheaval, and the continual disintegration of the family.  Add to that the stress of the Christmas season with its unending demands on our time, attention and wallets.  But for the moment I would invite you to take a moment from the madness in which we live and simply remember peace and calmness.

Take a deep breath and hold it.  Now slowly release it, blowing out of your lungs not only air but tension and worry.  For this moment, don't hold on to anything.  You don't need to.  I have always felt that Christmas seemed far too exploited so let's take a moment to reflect on what worship really means.  Perhaps we might turn away from the bustle and recognize the fact that we can adore the Lord Jesus Christ in the quietude of our own closet, humbly kneeling in honest prayer.  What is more important or fitting?  The Lord did not bring us stress and worry.  He brought us a babe in a stable - the simplest of simple things.  What need have we to complicate this most straightforward and innocent gift?

If all we have this Christmas is a corner of a barn, if all we have is a meager pittance of stale bread for food, if all the concerts we can attend consist of the worshipful music in our own hearts, it is enough.  The Lord Himself did not busy Himself with the wealth ridden things of life.  He did not chase after agendas or harbor the worries of a perfectionist.  He walked simply along the dusty roads of Galilee reaching out to those beggars that came across His path and giving a smile and a blessing to those sinners who begged His compassion.  If we have not means to do more than that, what a fitting, honest, heartfelt gift is it!  If we would truly follow the Savior Jesus Christ, let us begin by remembering His example of simplicity and calmness, worshiping Him as He is and not as we would make Him.