Friday, February 28, 2014

The Holy One

*This is another poem that rather just wrote itself as I have been sitting pensively by writing whatever happens to come into my heart.  God be praised and heaven be blessed!  Have a beautiful day, gentle reader!

Awaken all ye wayward nations!
Hear the glorious gospel call!
Rush unto the gentle Savior
And upon your knees now fall!

Mighty is His kind forgiving,
Gentle His unconquered name,
Join with gladness, ever praising,
And with joy unceased proclaim

“Ever Savior, our Redeemer
Great art Thou, our Heav’nly Friend!
Let us stay with Thee forever
Ne’er to part nor love to end!”

Now He rises to our poor eyes
Clothed in righteousness and light
Every heart is swelled and worships
With the joy and glory bright

That reflects from His great person
Overwhelming earth and sun.
Life eternal only lives in
Presence of the Holy One!