Saturday, March 1, 2014


* Another poem written some years ago in the agony of post traumatic stress, which I have never shown anyone until now.  It is something of a continuation of Lord of Daylight and illustrates again the emotional strain of post traumatic stress as well as the natural desire to have someone help me out of a trial I could not overcome on my own.  

 The wind and rain came crashing down
Upon my hovel's broken door
The hearth warmth fell to chill for all
The icy torrents on the floor.

Implacable the thrashing storm
And wind that whipped around the home.
The nightly demons howled without
With bloody teeth and mouths of foam.

Imprisoned here I stood aloof
With praying lips and anguished soul
Held captive by the darkened hand
That crushed my life and freedom stole.

A pris'ner here I found myself
And bound alone in hell's black chains
Alone in faith and lonely hope
That love might someday calm the rains

And rescue me, oh heart's despair!
To see the vanquished heroes fall
Not men enough to set me free
And slaughter that which might befall

Our onward journey to his home
Where peace might reign in evil's place
And happiness in every step
Bestrew each blissful day with grace.