Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grateful Prayer

Lead me forward with Thy blessing!
Give me not Thy silence now! 
Render courage, pow’r unhindered -
Shed Thy light on humble brow!

I’ve done all that Thou’s commanded,
Spared not home or fame in this
But have blessed Thy name forever
Both in vict’ry and distress.

Guide me then to life eternal!
Lord, make all Thy blessings sure.
Lead me on to Home and Family
Comforting both strong and pure!

Thou hast led me through the tempest –
Landed me on heaven’s shore.
Now embrace me with Thy blessing.
Show Thy face that I adore!

I surrender to Thy mercy
Thus encircling round my heart.
Wisdom grant me, now and ever.
Godliness to me impart.

Let me thrive unto Thy blessings
Never more to part from Thee,
Ever reaching to Thy pleasure
‘Til I behold the Trinity.

Surely know I Thou canst render
All the promises received,
Justify my words and actions
Lord, exalt they who believed.

Hear my soul awake with weeping
From the joy Thou’s given me.
Let us here rejoice together
In a close affinity.

Here the anguish leaves my body
Now the dross doth flee my soul
And surrender to the spirit.
Finally, the life’s made whole. 

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