Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lord of Daylight

 * About six years ago I became very ill with post traumatic stress.  I wrote this in the midst of the conflagration of that trial.  I was pleading to the elements, to the powers that govern the universe, for someone to come and rescue me.  I was attempting to reach out to this mysterious and unknown Lord of Daylight who might come and protect me from the anguished circumstances I was facing.  I have never shown this poem to anyone until this moment.  But I find that the Lord was wiser than I in  not answering my prayer immediately.  Had things transpired as I hoped and had I gained immediate relief I would have been ultimately miserable and missed learning much of what He has taught me in the interim. 

Once repelled by rage and terror
Drawn by voices crying ever
"Leave us, leave us," begging, "never."

Men like monsters call my senses
Breaking down my weak defenses
And with each my psyche tenses
Forcing souls their ties to sever.

Trust and anger then compelling
Rage and fear within me swelling
Always thinking, never telling
And with love my mind dispenses.

Finding peace a quest of daytime
But the foe advancing nighttime
Please subdue me, now or sometime
Tranquil notes, so distant, belling.

Look to find me, Lord of Daylight.
Guide me, lead me, deaf my eyesight.
Please protect me in Thine arms tight
And bring joy to me sublime.