Friday, March 14, 2014

Maiden Philosophy II

* This is again an excerpt from my book, in the manner almost of Pilgrim's Progress, which is a powerful and very influential literary work in my mind.  This recounts how in my youth I saw the double faced philosophy the world had in mourning, not that they had sinned, but that they had sinned and God had not blessed them in their sins.  It always seemed irrational to me when I viewed this kind of behavior and I became more deeply convinced of the need of Christlike love and personal righteousness in a very fallen world.

Then bowed my head at once in sad despair
Trembling fever rushed into my soul
"Oh, lead someone and make my eyesight whole
And full of light in this dark life" my prayer.
For once begun the harsh, rough road in haste
I found my footing lost and stumbled straight
Into a hedge of hatred near the grate
That loomed above the oubliette of waste
And souls that cried in horror of their deeds -
Not of their blackened souls they wept
Nor of the grieving God they thought had slept
Without a watchful eye, but that the seeds
They often sowed came crashing down in droves
Upon their foul prosperity.  The groves
They hoped for in abundance stood as weeds
While high above my head came light and life
From those whose pain of innocence had paid
The cost of joy and now in heaven made
A restful place which life denied with strife.
And there the vast collected widows' mites
Had pulled them from the vague and tiresome land
Extended in all gentleness a hand
To raise their pains into new blissful heights.
And as I glanced around at this dark earth
I saw more clearly then, the endless need
Of purity and love to end the greed
That infant learned to cherish from its birth.

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